Smokey Chilli Shitake Mushrooms 250g


Enhance your meals with the robust taste of Smokey Chilli Shitake Mushrooms 250g. These mushrooms offer a smoky, spicy twist, perfect for elevating any dish.


Introducing our Smokey Chilli Shitake Mushrooms 250g, the perfect ingredient for those who appreciate depth and complexity in their culinary creations. Each pack is filled with high-quality shitake mushrooms, known for their rich umami flavour, and infused with a smoky chilli seasoning that adds just the right amount of heat and smokiness.

These mushrooms are versatile enough to be the star in a variety of dishes, from stir-fries and pasta to gourmet pizzas and soups. The smoky chilli flavour complements the natural earthiness of the shitake, making it a unique addition to your kitchen pantry.

Ideal for vegetarians and health-conscious cooks, our Smokey Chilli Shitake Mushrooms are flavorful and packed with nutrients. Each 250g pack is carefully prepared to retain the mushrooms’ natural texture and nutritional value, ensuring a wholesome and delicious experience with every bite.

Key Features:

  • Premium quality shitake mushrooms
  • Infused with a unique smoky chilli seasoning
  • Versatile ingredient for a range of dishes
  • Rich in umami flavor
  • Nutrient-packed and vegetarian-friendly

Discover the exquisite blend of smoky heat and rich umami with our Smokey Chilli Shitake Mushrooms 250g. Add a gourmet touch to your cooking and enjoy a burst of flavors in every meal!


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Smokey Chilli Shitake Mushrooms 250g