Mancini Turanicum Wheat Spaghetti 500g


Mancini Turanicum Wheat Spaghetti 500g offers a nutritious twist on classic pasta. Made with whole grain Turanicum wheat for a fuller, richer taste.


Mancini Turanicum Wheat Spaghetti 500g is a unique culinary delight, crafted from ancient Turanicum wheat. This special variety of wheat lends a distinctive, nutty flavour to the spaghetti, making it not just a healthier option but also a gourmet one. Ideal for those seeking a more nutritious alternative to traditional pasta, it provides a higher content of fibre and nutrients.

Perfect for a range of Italian dishes, from simple aglio e olio to hearty Bolognese, this spaghetti brings a robust flavour and satisfying texture to your meals. Its superior quality, thanks to the traditional methods of cultivation and processing, ensures an authentic Italian dining experience.

Key Features:

  • Made with ancient Turanicum wheat for enhanced nutrition
  • Nutty, rich flavour
  • Higher in fibre and nutrients than regular pasta
  • Perfect for a variety of Italian recipes
  • Authentic, traditional Italian pasta experience

Discover the rich, wholesome flavours of Italy with Mancini Turanicum Wheat Spaghetti 500g, and elevate your pasta dishes to a new level of taste and nutrition.


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Mancini Turicanum Wheat Spaghetti
Mancini Turanicum Wheat Spaghetti 500g