Proscuitto 80g


Woody’s Free Range Farm was born in 2013 by its founder Daniel Todd. Daniel originally hails from Peterborough in the UK, he moved to Australia in 2005 and then onto to New Zealand in 2013. After 17 years working for a Consumer Electronics company Daniel developed a curiosity for pig farming, and in particular the need to promote ethical free range farming pigs. And so the journey began.

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Prosciutto is dry aged pork leg, aged for at least three months. We bone out of Prosciutto then cure in salt and sugar and hang to dry. Prosciutto is sliced very finely and has a mild flavour between Coppa and Lonza

  • Sliced packet 80g.

Our Prosciutto is gluten free and contains 0.3% preservative (sodium nitrite) to ensure it arrives at your home in perfect condition.