Hot Vindaloo Indian Spice Paste – 200g


This is a Native Goan Curry Sauce cooked with vinegar, chilies and whole spices. Not for the faint hearted. Vindaloo came to India from the Goanese people who were the remnants of the Portuguese settlement on the West coast of India. To make the authentic Vindaloo, just add water to this curry masala. You could also use coconut milk to make another delicious curry.

Mel’s Gourmet Indian Curry Sauces are different to any Indian Curry Sauce on the New Zealand Market in 3 ways:

TASTE – At Mel’s our products taste amazingly good! We have the Original Authentic Recipe as you will find it back in India. We are quintessentially Indian!

EASE – Mel’s products are super easy to prepare – they are ready in minutes!

TEXTURE – In every packet of Mel’s masalas you will find whole herbs and spices.



Mel’s is owned and operated by a young and dynamic husband and wife team – Avi Kewalramani and Melissa Hurst with Melissa as the face of Mel’s.

Melissa was born to Anglo Indian parents in India. Melissa grew up mostly in Bombay (currently known as Mumbai) – India’s metropolitan of mixed cultures & multi cuisine. During her childhood, she also lived in other parts of the country which introduced her to an array of regional Indian cuisine. It was from here that she developed an avid love for food and exotic flavours.

Mel’s Gourmet Hot Vindaloo is…

  • Ready in minutes
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free (tested)
  • Serves 6
  • Authentic Recipe
  • Whole herbs and spices in every pack


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Hot Vindaloo Indian Spice Paste – 200g
Hot Vindaloo Indian Spice Paste – 200g