Malpighi White Balsamic Perles 50g


White Balsamic Perles made by Acetaia Malpighi

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These White Balsamic Perles contain Malpighi Saporoso white balsamic condiment. Characterised by intense and fruity flavour, they gives a touch of creativity to every dish.

Suitable as an aperitif on canapés, finger foods, and to enrich and decorate salmon, oysters, Mediterranean mixed-fried fish, raw meat, octopus, lobster, turkey with tuna sauce, marinated tuna, vegetable salads, cold rice, cooked and fried vegetables, foie gras, cheeses and desserts made with fruit.

For 160 years, tradition and production secrets have been passed down through the family. Today Massimo, who represents the 5th generation of the family, is the current president of Acetaia Malpighi.  Acetaia Malpighi is internationally recognised as “Made in Italy” brand taking its products on the main markets all over the world.

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