Black Honey – Neudorf Black – 250g


Black Garlic is a superfood that been enjoyed for centuries in Asia. It is prized for its distinctive flavour as well as its nutrients.  Neudorf Black Garlic is made in New Zealand, with New Zealand garlic.

Premium bush honey from our local beekeepers infused with sweet black garlic produces a culinary honey unlike any other.

This honey flows beautifully, which makes it easy to use as a glaze, a marinade or drizzled over dishes. Try a spoonful stirred in warm milk or hot water for a sweet, hearty tea.

Simple, yet sophisticated. Sweet, yet savoury – you have to try the mystery that is Black Honey.


Is Black Garlic a new variety of garlic?

Surprisingly, no; you cannot grow black garlic, you have to make it.

It is the natural result of slow-cooking fresh garlic for weeks under controlled conditions of low heat and high humidity. Some call this fermentation, though in reality, it is a change that occurs through the Maillard reaction, not fermentation. Fermentation happens with the introduction of a yeast or other microorganism. With Black Garlic, nothing is introduced to affect the change.

The Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction between amino acids and natural sugars in food that produces new flavour compounds. The texture and flavour difference between raw onion and sautéed onion is due to the Maillard reaction. With garlic, the cloves naturally turn black as sugars convert and the allicin (that gives garlic its sharpness) breaks down.

The flavour changes completely. Even though Black Garlic is 100% garlic with nothing added, the infamous garlic-breath is a thing of the past with Black Garlic.


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Black Honey – Neudorf Black – 250g
Black Honey – Neudorf Black – 250g