Hemp Seed Hearts 500g

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Sprouting from just a handful of seeds in 2008, Hemp Farm have been pioneers in New Zealand’s hemp industry, cultivating the business from growing and production to marketing their products to health-conscious consumers.

Superfood Smoothie recipe using hemp hearts

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Hemp hearts are considered a complete protein and include all the essential amino acids that the body is unable to produce on it’s own, which must be obtained from diet. Amino acids are the building blocks for protein in the body and, as hemp hearts are easily digested, provide maximum absorption for your body to utilise.

Plant-based nutrition packed full of goodness including- 10g complete protein, 12g of Omega 3, 6 ,GLA, vitamins, minerals and magnesium.

How to eat hemp seeds:

Hemp seeds are an extremely versatile whole food, and you can add hemp to pretty much everything and anything, sweet or savoury.

  • Top off your salads, hummus, soups, pasta, ice cream and oats.
  • For an extra buttery avocado on toast, add hemp seeds.
  • Making a smoothie? Add a few tablespoons of hemp seeds into the blender.
  • Add hemp seeds into your baking, think bread, brownies and cookies.
  • You can make hemp milk. All you need is water and hemp hearts.

And for days when you have no time for the above, hemp seeds are equally wonderful eaten straight out of the pack with a spoon!


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  1. Super versatile food. I love putting these over an omelette or even salad, easy way to get a bunch more nutrition with little effort. Kids love these as well which is a bonus

  2. A friend recommended this and I was so sure I wasn’t going to enjoy it.
    I absolutely love it!!
    My teenage kids love it in my stir-fry dinners.

  3. Great source of protein thats easy to eat and gluten free

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