Texturas Glice 300g


Texturas Glice (monoglyceride of fatty acids) produced in Spain

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Since its inception in 1997, elBullitaller has had the goal of broadening the range of possible textures in cooking. The fruit of this experimentation is a series of techniques that, like foams, clouds, etc., have brought about an evolution in style. The Texturas line of products, essential for you to be able to incorporate some of their best-known techniques to your kitchen, such as hot gelatins, airs, melon caviar or spherical ravioli. The products that make up the Sferificación, Gelificación, Emulsificación, Espesantes and Surprises lines are the result of a rigorous process of selection and experimentation. Texturas is a gateway to a world of magical sensations that will no doubt continue to grow.

Monoglyceride and diglyceride derived from fats, obtained from glycerine and fatty acids. Glice has been chosen for its high stability to act as an emulsifier which integrates a watery medium into a fatty medium. It is an emulsifier similar to oil, which means that it must first be broken down with a fatty element and then added to the watery element.

Product comes in flakes. Indissoluble in water. It dissolves in oil heated up to 60° C.The mixture of oil and Glice in water must be integrated slowly for the emulsion to be satisfactory.

Price per 300g can.


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Texturas Glice 300g
Texturas Glice 300g