Keto Purple Pickles 235g

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Glam Foods Keto Purple Pickles bring a tangy and colorful twist to your keto diet. These low-carb pickles are perfect for adding flavor and visual appeal to a variety of dishes.

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Introducing Glam Foods Keto Purple Pickles, a visually striking and tastefully tangy addition to your ketogenic diet. These purple pickles are not just a feast for the eyes but also for the palate, offering a unique twist to the traditional pickle flavor. They are carefully crafted to fit perfectly into a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet, ensuring you can enjoy their bold taste without any guilt. Add them to your salads, burgers, or as a side to your main dishes for an extra zing.

Key Benefits:

  • Keto-friendly, aligning with low-carb dietary needs
  • Eye-catching purple hue adds visual appeal to meals
  • Tangy and flavorful, enhancing any dish
  • Versatile in use, from sides to main meal enhancements
  • Free from added sugars, catering to health-conscious preferences

STORAGE: Use before BB4 date and keep in fridge after opening.

INGREDIENTS: Red cabbage 31%, white vinegar, red onion 22%, daikon radish 18%, natural sweetener (stevia leaf extract, erythritol), salt, brown mustard seed, caraway seed, allspice, black pepper.


        Per 13g serve      Per 100g

Energy             19kj           147kj

Protein              0.2g           1.7g

Fat, total            0.1g           0.4 g

– saturated        0.0g           0.1g

Carbs                0.4g            3.3g

-Sugars             0.4g            3.0g

Sodium           19mg        150mg


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Glam Foods Keto Purple Pickles
Keto Purple Pickles 235g
Original price was: $14.50.Current price is: $10.15.