The Four Wheels of Health Pack


This pack has been designed to correspond with the Four Wheels of Health Summer Recipe Kit, which you will receive when you sign onto the course. This is a selection of premium, healthy ingredients to help you create some of Simon’s delicious recipes.

NB. Please note that this pack does not include all of the ingredients needed to make the recipes. It is full of kitchen staples that will require additional products and fresh produce to be purchased separately.

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1 x Santagata Extra Virgin Olive Oil -500ml. If you live locally to the Deli in Takanini, you can bring this bottle in for a refill!

1 x The Hemp Farm Pure Hemp Hearts – 500g. Considered the world’s most nutritious seed, hemp hearts have a similar look to sesame seeds and a similar taste to pine nuts. These seeds have been removed from their hard shell to create a 100% raw culinary superfood product that tastes simply delicious. Packed with quality protein, omega-3, calcium, iron and antioxidants. Being the richest known source of polyunsaturated fats, hemp hearts have a light nutty aroma that makes them a great alternative to chia seeds in smoothies for a thick and satiating consistency. They make a great addition to your diet eaten as is, used in recipes or sprinkled on top of your favourite sweet and savoury dishes.

1 x Murray River Salt Flakes – 150g. Sourced from the pristine ancient saline aquifers of the Murray Darling Basin. The stunning pale pink hue of the salt flakes is a result of the mineralised brines which are particularly high in magnesium and calcium, with a touch of potassium and iodine. Murray River salt flakes are very soft and fragile and create a superior texture to your dishes.

1 x Manuka Smoked Olives – 150g. Packed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and lightly smoked by The Kiwi Artisan Co.

1 x Cranky Goat Feta – 160g. Firm in texture but can be crumbled easily. It has a clean taste with the aroma of ripe yoghurt with notes of citrus. Perfect for salads, pizzas, appetizing snacks or marinated in lemon and oil. From Picton, New Zealand

1 x Pukara Estate Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar – 250ml. Pukara Estate Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar is perfect with your favourite extra virgin olive oil in a dressing. This sweet, sour and tangy vinegar is great as a marinade or drizzled over your favourite dish. Wonderful as a glaze for lamb or pork or duck. This tangy vinegar also pairs well with beetroot and eggplant. Try splashing over your favourite salad. Combines beautifully with the lemon olive oil and chopped rosemary over lamb.

1 x Sauerkraut – 390g. From The Wild Fermentary/. Delicious with cheese, salad and meat – perfect in a Buddha bowl. Raw, wild-fermented and vegan-friendly. Most of our immune system is found in our gut, this is an excellent product to help with overall gut health.  And it tastes amazing!!

1 x Grassy Knoll Bacon Streaky Bacon – 300g. Grassy Knoll Streaky Bacon is traditionally cured with a honey brine and smoked in Manuka creating a dry but succulent bacon that brings back memories of how bacon used to be!

1 x Light Cocavo Coconut and Avocado Oil – 400g. The world’s healthiest coconut oil blend, Cocavo uses extra virgin coconut and avocado oils that are raw, naturally organic, cold-pressed, contain no additives, contaminants or trans-fats and are naturally cholesterol free.

3 x Simon Gault Flavour Shots – each pack contains 2 x 10g sachets. Italian, Moroccan and Mexican.

2 x Simon Gault Stock Concentrate – 105g. Vegetable and Chicken.

1 x Akaroa Hot Smoked Salmon – (contains 2 pieces approx. 120g-140g per piece). Akaroa Salmon are reared in the isolated, pristine and picturesque Lucas Bay. A deep-water bay near the entrance of the Akaroa Harbour on the east coast of the South Island.

1 x Italian Salted Capers – 100g. Packed in sea salt, these capers are plump and juicy.

1 x Spanish Smoked Paprika – 30g. Spanish Smoked Paprika Dolce is milled with a blend of several different types of Spanish peppers.

1 x The Hemp Farm Kiwi Hemp Seed Oil – 250ml.  Loaded with natural fatty acids, hemp is a tasty way to meet your nutrition needs. Hemp seed oil is a raw superfood that nourishes the body – whether eaten or used to rub it onto your body. Blend a Tablespoon into your smoothies, teas or tonics. Use to top your favourite dishes or as an ingredient in hummus or dressings. Externally, the unique properties of hemp seed oil can be used to soothe and alleviate dry skin.

2 x Solomon’s Gold 70% Dark Chocolate – Berry. Ripe raspberry flavours enhance this rich dark chocolate.  The tart berry flavours enhance the sharp notes of the 70% cacao which is then carefully balanced with just enough organic coconut sugar to create a sensory delight.



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The Four Wheels of Health Pack
The Four Wheels of Health Pack