Ponthier Chilled Burgamot Puree 1kg


Chilled Burgamot Puree made by Ponthier in France

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The French Ponthier Chilled Burgamot Puree 1kg is made from fruit picked at maturity that is finely crushed to which sugar is added (approximately 10%) and contain no additives. Purees can be used as a substitute for fresh fruit, and offering practicality, time saving, food safety, cost control and consistent quality throughout the year. Purees can be used in Cocktails, fruit juices, smoothies, deserts and as fillings for chocolate

The bergamot is the acidic citrus fruit of the Bergamot tree, a hybrid of lime and bitter orange. A small tree three to four metres tall, the bergamot enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate and its fresh, tangy notes evoke the terroir of the Riviera. The best bergamot come from southern Italy, where 95% of world production naturally occurs. The bergamot is commonly used as an essential oil and in cosmetology for its fragrance. Known for its calming and purifying properties, it can also help you relax and have fun.

The product must be kept refrigerated and used within 3-5 days of opening.

Price per 1kg Sachet or Puree

Freight is via a non chilled  Courier packed with ice.


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Ponthier Chilled Burgamot Puree 1kg
Ponthier Chilled Burgamot Puree 1kg