Texturas Tools “Eines” Molecular Gastronomy Kit


Spherification tools imported from Spain

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Imported from our Spanish supplier of texturas products this pack contains the most useful tools for each step of spherification.

In order to be successful the right tool must be used for each stage of Spherification.

– Syringes are used to create drops that make spherical caviar.
– For larger preparations (mini-spheres, ravioli, gnocchi, balloons), Dosing Spoons must be used.
– Collecting Spoons are used to remove and wash the spherical preparation from the Calcic bath.

Price per kit which includes 2 x collecting spoons, 2 x syringes & a set of dosing spoons.


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Texturas Tools “Eines” Molecular Gastronomy Kit
Texturas Tools “Eines” Molecular Gastronomy Kit