Superbag 1.3l 100 Microns


Superbag: The revolutionary flexible, porous filter bag.

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Superbag: The revolutionary flexible, porous filter bag.

The Superbag is a porous filter bag manufactured in an inert, flexible and heat-resistant material which is suitable for cooking and adapts perfectly to different containers. The Superbag is both more hygienic than muslin, and can be washed and reused multiple times without flavour retention or contamination due to the tough, non-absorbent nylon material.

Superbag is ideal for preparing consommés, and for clarifying thin stocks, broths, infusions and, in general, cooking large quantities of ingredients. It saves a great deal of time taken to strain or clarify consommés.


– 1.3l Capacity
– 100 Micron Filter

Price per bag.


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