Rabitos Royale Chocolate Liqueur Figs – 3 Pack


Delicious Rabitos Royale Chocolate Liqueur Figs. Produced in Spain.

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Rabitos Royale Chocolate Liquer Figs are made in Extremadura in the Southwest of Spain. Raquel and Señador Valero conceived of this extraordinary treat, while living among the fig trees of a small village in southwestern Spain. They select tender young figs from the neighboring groves and fill them with a mousse made of dark chocolate and a hint of brandy. Each one is then hand dipped in even more rich dark chocolate! Finally each individual Rabito Bonbon is sealed in a foil envelope so that it will always taste as fresh as the day they were made. The rich dark chocolate / brandy mousse nicely accents the delicate sweetness of the baby fig.

Winner of Best Confection in Show at the New York Fancy Food show.

A box of Rabitos makes the perfect gift for friends and family.