Wood-fired Chilli BBQ Sauce – Hot


Powered by NZ Tea Tree and driven by a wood oven, a cooking tool with an ancient design which goes back thousands of years. Uncle Dunkle’s Wood-Fired Chilli Sauces are inspired by the superior quality of cooking ability that the wood oven provides.

Slow cooked and smoked with NZ Tea Tree wood in an intricate three-day process, the result is a complex authentic flavour profile that is truly unique. Suitable to an amazing variety of applications, Uncle Dunkle’s sauces are a great addition to anyone’s kitchen.

With different heat levels in both the Chilli and Chilli BBQ range, and whether you’re a chilli lover or afraid of the heat, there is something for you!


Uncle Dunkle’s classic Wood-Fired Chilli BBQ Sauce with a HOT kick! Deliciously smokey and spicy HOT with that BBQ twang, this addition to the Uncle Dunkle’s range is gaining serious popularity! This previously ‘Limited Edition’ sauce is now part of the normal Uncle Dunkle’s range.

150ml bottle. Refrigerate after opening.