For the Love of Tams – Tamarillo Relish 210g


Tamco premium tamarillo relish is a delicious blend of tamarillo, other selected fruits, vinegars and spices and superb served with meats, salads, cold cuts, etc. or spread on pizza base as a sauce, or added to meatloaf mixes or casseroles.


Made in Northland, New Zealand, For the Love of Tams Tamarillo Relish is delicious on cheese, crackers and hot scones.

Superb as a taste sensation to compliment chicken, fish, meat, salads, vegetarian dishes, pies etc. Try with sour cream as a delicious dip with corn chips and tacos.

A favourite is a dip to spread onto cheese and crackers.

For the Love of Tams have developed a unique technique that extracts the delicious pulpy flesh from the tamarillo but leaves the bitter pith on the skin which then gets discarded – and the result is a delicious product with the rich, tangy, genuine taste of tamarillo.