Santagata Italian EVOO Oil 500ml


Sous Chef Santagata Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in Italy


Our Santagata Italian EVOO Oil is suitable for everyday use in the kitchen it can be used as a dressing for meat, fish, salads, sauces and soups.

Santagata Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained exclusively through the cold pressing of perfect quality, mature olives, and simply filtered, thereby preserving all its nutritional properties. In accordance with the most authentic Italian tradition, Santagata extra virgin olive oil has a fresh and grassy aroma and a balanced, simple and natural taste. It has under 1% acidity, a clear, golden yellow colour with greenish hue, the aroma of mature olives and the taste is full bodied, fragrant and intense.

For over 100 years the Santagata Company has been selecting and trading fine Olive and Extra virgin oil with the `Santagata’ and `Frantoio di Portofino’ trademarks. Since its establishment in 1907, the family focus has been to offer high quality olive oils, in accordance with the most restrictive European rules and by respecting rigid quality and safety standards.

Price per 500ml bottle.