Gault’s Tomato Ketchup 475g


Gault’s 100% Sweetened by Veggies Tomato Ketchup


“It’s taken me three years to make great-tasting Tomato Ketchup, sweetened only with 100% New Zealand vegetables—now that’s gotta be a good thing, right? Enjoy!”  Simon Gault

Gault’s Tomato Ketchup is a world-first tomato sauce that is sweetened only with 100% New Zealand vegetables and tastes just like ketchup. We are proud of the fact that the ingredients for Gault’s Tomato Ketchup are grown right here in New Zealand — where it is also made — and that merits the mark, “Product of New Zealand”.  Furthermore, Gault’s does not contain any other natural or artificial sweeteners like stevia—it’s sweetened only with 100% local New Zealand vegetables.

Price per 475g bottle.