The Ultimate Brunch Kit


Buy the Ultimate Brunch Kit and learn some new tricks and tips. Cook with Chef & ex Masterchef NZ Judge Simon Gault, from the comfort of your very own kitchen! Each brunch kit comes with enough food to feed four adults or a couple of adults & kids. Follow along with the video for fantastic family fun!

NB. As this pack contains chilled items, it is only available Auckland wide.





8 x Award-winning Mangawhai Meat Shop Pork & Fennel Sausages (Gluten Free). Mangawhai meat shop are a family owned business who pride themselves on the quality of meat they deliver nationwide. With various accolades and awards, Mangawhai meats are considered one of the best butchers in New Zealand.

1 x Italian Santagata Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 250ml. Santagata Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained exclusively through the cold pressing of perfect quality, mature olives, and simply filtered, thereby preserving all its nutritional properties. In accordance with the most authentic Italian tradition, Santagata extra virgin olive oil has a fresh and grassy aroma and a balanced, simple and natural taste.

1 x Pukara Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar – 100ml. Deliciously thick and rich, our caramelised balsamic vinegar is great over any dish. Perfect as a dressing with our extra virgin olive oils or dripped with crusty breads. Try in salad dressing or over poached pears for deserts. Use in a marinade or drizzle over lamb.

4 x Italian Cipolline Balsamic Onions in Balsamic Oil. Baby onions of Boretto cooked in a sweet and sour sauce made with balsamic vinegar. Ideal as an hors d’oeuvre or a side dish for cutlets, poached or grilled meat, or seafood. Excellent either warm or cold.  Use the juice as a lovely salad dressing or to roast vegetables.

1 x  Grassy Knolls Streaky Bacon – 300g. Grassy Knoll Streaky Bacon is traditionally cured with a honey brine and smoked in Manuka creating a dry but succulent bacon that brings back memories of how bacon used to be! This premium free range hand cut bacon contains no nitrates and sulphates.

Simon Gault Moroccan seasoning. The Moroccan will rock your lamb, mince and chicken, along with your tagines, casseroles, couscous, rice, soups, koftas, and roast potato dishes. Complex blend of 19 ingredients including turmeric, cumin, ginger, smoked paprika, rosemary, fennel, pepper, rice flour, garlic, orange and lemon.

Simon Galt Italian seasoning. Perfect sprinkled on everything from pizza to vegetables and meats.

8 x Pasture raised TruEggs. TruEggs are Pasture Raised, which is completely different from that of free range and we believe that these eggs are produced the way the consumer imagined free range to be. The biggest difference comes in with our flock sizes, quality of pastures, sustainable nature and the fact that our girls are outdoors all the time when not sleeping or laying. They roam around in micro-flocks of no more than 500 birds and we rotate their mobile coops onto fresh pasture every 3-7 days. In return, our eggs are without a doubt superior in flavour and nutrition! Our land is also very happy and healthy, since it gets enough time to recover after being naturally fertilized. To top it off, our operations are 100% sustainable!

Confit Italian Tomatoes. So sweet and delicious, these little tomatoes add a pop of flavour to so many dishes!

2 x loaves of Dough Bread (to bake)