Family Cheesy Pizza Kit – yields 6 pizza breads


Mmmmmmm…. cheesy hot gooey pizza bread! Perfect for any occasion! It couldn’t be simpler to whip up this delicious treat with our family cheesy pizza kit. Simply defrost and prove the dough, roll, top and cook!

NB. AUCKLAND ONLY! Unfortunately this product is not suitable for sending on a courier outside of Auckland as Gault’s Deli can not guarantee that this frozen product will reach the recipient in perfect condition.

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6 x Frozen Pizza Dough Balls. These frozen dough balls are made locally following the original recipe as it has been handed down for centuries in Italy generation through generation. Only New Zealand and European high-quality ingredients are used to make this pizza dough healthy, highly digestible and tasty!

1 x Grana Padano Cheese – 250g. Cantarelli’s Grana Padano comes from the finest dairy farms of Mantua and Brescia provinces and it is naturally matured in ancient stone warehouses, built in 1876.

1 x Manchego Cheese – 150g. Manchego is a cheese made in Spain from the milk of sheep from the Manchega breed.

1 x Pukara Estate Chilli Oil – 250ml. If you love the fiery flavour of chilli, this oil rings the bell!  Pukara Estate Chilli EVOO is a simple way to add a spicy zing to your favourite Mediterranean and Asian dishes.

1 x Pukara Estate Garlic Oil – 100ml. The rich flavour of roasted garlic perfectly matches the olive oil and can be used in every dish in the Kitchen. Pukara Estate Garlic EVOO is for garlic lovers, drizzle it over salads, potatoes, fish or meat.

1 x bunch of fresh thyme – from Simon’s garden.