Private Cooking Classes With Simon Gault

Personalized private cooking classes at Gaults Deli, led by renowned Chef Simon Gault are suitable for work teams, families, friends, sport groups, book clubs – you get the idea.

  • We will work with you to design a private cooking class for your group, catering to your needs and preferences, we’ll create something exceptional together.  Our personalised approach guides you through an immersive culinary journey, helping your group to elevate their skills and broaden their culinary horizons.  Whether a beginner or an experienced home cook, our tailored classes provide guests with the knowledge and expertise to take their cooking to the next level.  Impress your guests and create unforgettable dishes for intimate dinner parties or celebrations.
  • Our classes are designed for groups of up to 20 guests, learning valuable skills and techniques in real time, ensuring that you leave each class with newfound confidence and a deeper understanding of the art and science of cooking.  Depending on the menu  there might be an opportunity to work alongside Simon helping to create a dish – for example cooking a steak or hand stretching and creating a pizza.
  • Simon is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise with guests.  Under his guidance, you’ll explore new ingredients, master advanced techniques and unlock your groups full potential as home cooks. Simon will teach you how to create delectable dishes while delving into the science behind food and nutrition.  Learn how to make informed choices regarding ingredients, cooking techniques, and meal planning.
  • Simon understands the importance of nutrition, its impact on overall health, and its connection to a happier, more efficient workplace.  Not just a culinary experience, these events serve as unique team building events where you also gain insights into optimising well being for peak performance.  Improving your teams sleep and nutrition culminates a happier, more efficient workplace.  Customised private lessons can be recorded for in-house team use
  • We’re committed to supporting sustainable and ethical food practices. Our private classes emphasize using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients and sustainable cooking methods that minimalize waste and promote a healthier environment.
  • Our classes are held at our state-of-the-art kitchen facilities, 3 Hannigan Drive, St Johns, Auckland – we have plenty of parking.  

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