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Gault’s Deli is foodie heaven. Simon has scoured the globe to bring you the finest foods the world has to offer. Complete with an on-site kitchen, our deli assistants will tantalise your taste buds as you sample the extensive range.

Gault’s Deli is also a wholesale distribution company providing fine foods to the New Zealand hospitality industry. We predominantly specialise in products from Italy and Spain, along with the very best from New Zealand, France, Australia and Japan. These include premium dry goods, oils, balsamic vinegars, rice, truffle, cured meats, seafood, fresh cheese, preserved vegetables, meats, chef equipment and much more!

Bryan Gault explains the history of Gault’s Deli and what makes us who we are today

When Simon Gault returned to New Zealand after working for extended periods in Italy and France, his greatest frustration was not having access to the high-quality products he had taken for granted in Europe.

So Gault’s Deli was born out of a need to source and establish a network of suppliers producing premium quality cheeses, balsamic vinegars and canned goods to supply Simon’s restaurants and the New Zealand market.

As a result of all the international networking over the years we have been fortunate to establish strong and lasting relationships with several long-established family-run producers who continue to supply us today. In many cases the relationship is now more as part of the family rather than one of supplier and customer.

Figli di Bruno Cantarelli in Reggio Emilia falls very much into this category and it is now unthinkable to not spend time socially with the family when we are in Italy. ‘Cantarelli’ continue to supply us with the very best Parmigiano Reggiano and more recently, their high-quality Grana Padano.

In Modena there is the balsamic vinegar producer Acetaia Malpighi. Now under the direction of Alessandro Malpighi, they have been producing fine balsamic vinegar for five generations.

Not far away, still in Modena, is Italian Food and Cheese where Professore Nerina Aldini introduced us to their fine Scamorza… mmmmm we digress.

There are many more for whom family plays an important role in their business – as it does for Gault’s Deli.

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